SCT’s vision is setting new standards by offering complete top-notch quality services for all types of vessels. Our vision is our obligation, arising from a longstanding tradition of shipbuilding and repairs to all types of vessels (from merchant vessels to yachts and luxury super yachts) of our parent company - Brodotrogir d.d.

Service Centre Trogir comprises floating docks with a 8,000- and 1,000-tonne lifting force, a floating crane with a capacity of 70/30 tonnes, and 705 m of outfitting quay and piers, and operation is possible by the shore or in the docks, along with maintenance and repair works, alterations to all types of boats, yachts and luxury yachts up to 150 m in length. Due to an increase in the number of yachts (20 – 88 m in length) using our services, our duty is to continue developing and investing into higher standards and a broader range of services on offer.



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