Discover the charms of fine Dalmatian cuisine

Discover the charms of fine Dalmatian cuisine

Since ancient times, Trogir housewives prepared and served food according to the culinary tradition which they inherited from their elders. These dishes with potent flavours and scents, prepared according to traditional recipes, have now moved from private kitchens to nearby restaurants, where numerous connoisseurs of good food and beverages are indulging their taste buds.

Fish delicacies, made from both white and blue fish, and meat specialties prepared on the grill or cooked in wine, are synonymous with traditional Dalmatian eating. Fish or meat dishes, cooked in Prošekwine, with almonds, dry figs or lavender, are infused with divine Mediterranean flavours that delight even the most fastidious guests.

Traditional recipes

It is precisely this combination of tradition, individual creativity and spontaneity that creates the magic of taste on the plate, caringly nurtured by the gastronomic masters of Trogir.

The refined and elegant white, red and rosé wines will impress anyone who decides to, following in the footsteps of the god Dionysus, indulge in the heady aroma of the Dalmatian wine.

Discover the charms of fine Dalmatian cuisine in one of the many restaurants located in Trogir’s stone streets or on the banks of the city, where the intoxicating aromas and scented morsels await to capture all of your senses.